Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Surprise Shower April 13, 2014

Matching numbers
Basketball, Volleyball

Sophie my princess
 My final picture
It is go time!!

A surprise shower
Love my AZ family
I'm spoiled

So, just a week before I go in to have little Carson, and my cousin Jill threw me a surprise shower.  It was so fun to see my family supporting me before I go in! Thanks Eric, Jody, Jill, Jared, Craig, Lynda, Grandma, Grandpa!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Spring Break and Whit's Visit

Of course swimming
Lunch at the pool
After seeing their little brother on the ultrasound we went to lunch
Air Works Tramp Park
Girls day at the mall
Lunch with my babies while Sadie was at Volleyball camp
YAY!! Whit's here!!
 Swimming with Whit

Air Works again
Dodge Ball
"Peach" and "Apricot's" night swimming time
Watching the girls at gymnastics
Meeting Matt at Nandos for dinner
The girls night volleyball and swimming with Whit
Love her
Me, Whit and Carson;)
Watching Connor at basketball
Mom came for a week during Whit's time
Getting the kids a shake stuff from Claire's
After another Dr's Appnt
More pool time

Sunglasses from Grandma
To Connor from Grandma
To Sadie
Krys came for a couple of days too! BJ's
Tia Rosa's

Grandma and Muffin
Soph and Connor with Whit
Activity Day Project

It is so fun with year round school because of their breaks!! For Spring Break the kids get almost 2 1/2 weeks! So we were able to go swimming, lunches, tramp park, and just being together!! Then Whit got to come and it was the most special 3 weeks ever! I didn't want her to ever go! She is so special to me and I have such a deep bond with her.  She is so sweet to my kids and makes them feel so special! I bawled for days after she left!! During her stay my mom was also able to come for a week, and Krys for a couple of days too! It was so fun being with my family! I love them so deeply!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

February 2014

Super Bowl Party

Gel Nails for getting straight A's
At the Gilbert Temple Open House
It is breathtaking inside and out

Valentines Day Gift for Carson and me
Connor and Daddy got a rose for me and a huge bear for Carson (when he gets here)
Daddy's rose and heart pillow for Sadie

Connor's Valentines Gift from Mom and Dad
To Sadie from Mom and Dad
To Sophs from Mom and Dad
The kids in their Valentine Clothes
He can't wait for his little brother to get here!
My matching girls
Daddy's little princesses
Our fun Valentines Dinner - Pei Wei take out (8 months pregnant)